Holiday Gift Collection


Hallefrigginluia! Oooh, the things he will be thinking when he sees this... Send this great selection of products to blow him away with everything the skin needs to stay soft and supple. A gift so good, you'll struggle with keeping it for yourself. Packaged in a clear round vinyl bag with black drawstrings, it will be packed with products to banish holiday stress and stir up delicious thoughts.


You'll get a bottle of Top & Bottom all-in-one body wash- a staple at the Dunes Resort in Saugatuck, MI. The Bareback scent is unisex, clean, & provocative. It's formulated to cleanse both skin and hair with conditioning effects that can be felt.


You'll get a 8 oz pump bottle of Lover Boy Silken Honey Body Lotion with a heady note of sandalwood. It evicts rough skin and replaces it with an incredible softness that's feels greaseless. Your skin will love it.


The cherry on top is Skin Silk Smoothing Oil- It's liquid happiness. It can be used to seal in moisture after a shower, or enjoyed as a couple's massage lotion. It sinks into the skin to deliver a super silky smoothness. You'll love the scent: The perfect Man. It's similar to Bleu De Chanel. It is perfect!


Body Massage Candle. It can be much more than just scenting a room. You can blow out the flame and dip your fingers in the melt pool. Rub in the skin safe "lotion" that forms as the candle melts. You can also pour it on your partner's skin and start rubbing.....massaging.....touching. Make sure the flame is extinguished before things heat up with your partner.


Bath House Salt Spa Bar- it's 50% European Sea Salt, without abrasiveness. The notable thing about this novel bar is it's large, hard as a rock, and lasts for a crazy long time if kept dry between showers. Our choice of scent.


Cold Process Soap bar- a holiday scented soap to compliment the mood of the season. It's hand-crafted and superfatted to gently cleanse the skin. All you have to go is get wet. Our choice of holiday scent.

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