About Us

Who in the hell came up with Dirty Boyz?

I’m Linda, the founder of Dirty Boyz Play Clean brand of personal care products for gay men.

Why would a grandmother of 7 dedicate a line of products for gay men?

To serve an underrepresented community while making their skin comfortable and more touchable. Products made by a company that so fervently supports gay rights they created a whole line of grooming products dedicated to the male gay community.

Besides filling a need for a never-served market, gay men gravitate to and appreciate the good shit.

They’re up for the sensual, good smelling, hedonistic body care. Skin care that makes it's presence felt.

They’re loyal, sweet, and let me know what they want. I’m good to them, and they’re good to me.

A quick honking my horn: I'm a chemist and hold a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant studies. I became nationally certified and practiced 18 years in internal medicine. I have experience treating skin disorders of patients in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, with additional in-patient training by dermatologists who care for hospitalized patients suffering with severe psoriasis, and eczema. Enough of that. It’s about what you need to know about your maker.

To best serve you, understand we’re a boutique manufacturer. We love synthetic ingredients (they're not as prone to turning rancid). We use silicones to get the exceptional feel you crave, and we use conventional preservatives for your safety.

We aren’t home kitchen hobbyists. No kitchen chemistry for products that go on your body. That means no swatting the cat off the kitchen table or trying to get the garlic out of the kettle from last night’s spaghetti dinner when making products. We manufacture in a professional environment and have a fully equipped lab. We test for bacteria, mold, and product stability before selling. 

Best of all, we don’t fearmonger to get sales. We don't formulate based on world-view. No woo-woo shit. We don't vilify conventional ingredients. We value what science tells us. We love to educate our customers about ridiculous and absurd cosmetic marketing claims. We share that information to our email list, so they can be better informed consumers.

XX00, Linda