Dirty Boyz E-Parties!

Say Gay Everyday.  You're Beautiful.  Let's Party!

Share our site with your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family near or across the country, as our appreciation, you'll earn 20% of your E-party's total sales in FREE Dirtyboyzplayclean products.   Any guest that orders $50 or more will receive a FREE gift!  FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75.00!   Are you  ready to party?
  How Does It Work?
• email us your interest in hosting an E-party
• together we'll pick a start date and extend it for one week
• email us your guest list
• we'll send E-vites to your guests to alert them of the date and provide them with a shopping code for 10% off!  
Your guests must register as a customer before they shop to get the group pricing and for the host to get the "boyz bucks"
• at the end of your E-party date, we'll total your sales and email you your special code with the "boyz bucks" amount good for shopping on our site.  We only ask that you use your earned "boyz bucks" within 30 days!

We'll even let you customize your E-vite with a personal message to everyone!
* Your guests can "unsubscribe" from the E-vite with a click of a button, or choose to participate... 

Pretty Simple, eh?

Benefits for the Host...

• you’ll earn 20% credit on pretax sales from the party in dirtyboyz
    merchandise, then be able to go on a shopping spree!    
•  no need to cook, clean, get dressed, or be entertaining.

* Your guests orders will be shipped directly to them, no need to drive around delivering orders.

Benefits for the Guests...

Guests will receive shopping code for 10% off during the party!  
    • Free shipping for orders $75.00 and over.  Guests who order $50 or more will receive a free gift!   
• Everyone shops from the convenience of their home or office on THEIR schedule.   They’ll thank you for introducing them to completely addictive "skin-wear" for more touchable skin, and a wonderful source for gifting!    

Today's high-pressured lifestyles leave little room for self-indulgence, so people are looking for high-performance multi-functional products to look & feel better.  Throwing an E-party is a great way to renew bonds with old friends and reach out to new friends.  Schedule an E-party today and invite your friends.  They'll be glad you thought of them!

E-mail us today dirtyboyzplayclean@sbcglobal.net