Fragrance Descriptions

Ankles Up! It's ultra-sensual, masculine, fresh and sexy. You'll find it totally yummy and intoxicating. I caught him eyeing me at the tea dance. I returned a nod. Our eyes met again. I could feel a little twitch in my pants. He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but he was tall, clean-cut, and blond. He made his way over to where I was standing. His eyes crinkled up in the corners with his big wide grin. “Wanna dance?”, he asked. It was a slow dance. We swayed to the music with ease. He was a little taller and just the right height to lean into his neck. I loved the way he smelled. It turned me on. I asked him what he was wearing. “Ankles up”, he replied…And that’s how the night ended. Ankles up. 

Size Queen When you size-up this intoxicating scent, you'll agree the mélange of sandalwood, Chinese pepper, rosewood, tonka bean, vanilla, and oud wood has depth and soul. It's an exotic and delicious "melt in your arms" type of scent that will leave him weak in the knees. It's truly a boner maker.

Second-Cuming This genderless fragrance has whispers of sweet sage, vanilla, mint, citrus, and cedar anchored with the deep woody notes of the South American mystical "holy wood" tree, long revered by healers and shamans. This scent may stir-up erotic fantasies of being swept away by a smoking' hott Peruvian for a weekend of heady sex. The fragrance is warm, hypnotizing, and strangely satisfying.

50 Shades of Gay Oh the things he will be thinking of doing when he smells this on you. It's opens with citrus and mint at the top, followed by floral, and herbal notes with a romantic attitude. Perfect for close encounters. Both sexy and charming. It's a nice scent, never overwhelming. This fragrance your skin will have him craving more. Unmistakably pleasant to the nose. 

Pleasure trail He'll enjoy your fresh, clean, just out of the shower smell when exploring your pleasure trail. It begins with lush violets, lavender, and jasmine. There's some cardamon with a hint of leather wandering through the middle notes ending with some sweetness and birch wood. It's initially intense and masculine. Great for a steamy tryst with that cute guy you met at the office party. Versatile & unique with the boys of summer vibe.

Lover Boy If you like sandalwood, you'll find our version irresistible and mind-boggling.  It's an intoxicating and sensual fragrance filled with mystique. The rich woody notes of sandalwood with a touch of musk are understated, sexy and upscale. One dab can turn your Homer Simpson into a bare-chested Duncan James!  It has great staying power & so will you! Watch it guys...........wearing this can get you some stalkers.

Commando Oh, this is a tough one to describe but it captures the essence of a sexy man in a bottle!  A gorgeous fusion of citrus, herbal, floral, orange, herbaceous, patchouli, rose and jasmine. Mix it with your own pheromones and you'll be on a mission to get busy. Let your inner James Bond run wild. If you have plans for an evening torrid sex- put this on! It will command his attention!

Sea Men This marine fragrance is naughty and nautical. Wear this and you'll have all hands-on deck and raise more than the anchor! It's adored by both men and women. It's clean and fresh like ocean sea spray, but casual enough not to overwhelm the senses. He'll want to walk your plank and more...    

Bareback Ohhh My! Words are inadequate to describe this sexy scent.  It is a fantabulous & beguiling fragrance. Think Brokeback Mountain.  Getty-up to the high desert plains with nuances of tumbleweeds, cactus flowers, herbs, desert sage, lupines, and yucca;  riding bareback without restraint. Ride' em cowboy. Yee-Haw!

Fist Deep A well-constructed complex, deep & robust fragrance with a timeless manly swagger. It's mustache & leather. A pleasant testosterone-bolstering elixir. You'll enjoy a blend of woody, floral, leather and base built on black leather, patchouli, and expect it to be earthy and woody with a dark tone to it. It has that well-groomed vibe. This stuff puts hair on your chest and lead in your pencil.

Grindr Boy Huff the subtle blend of cedar, white pepper and musk with a woody tone and kick of peppery spices. It’s not overpowering. It’s a safe bet, not overdone. Lightly scented for your next hook-up.