Fragrance Descriptions

Man Candy: The name says it all! You'll go ga-ga over the creamy sensation of wholesome grains in farm fresh milk, with a touch if nutty almonds, drizzled with honey. This classic fragrance is rounded out with silken notes of vanilla.  It's warm, unisex, and downright delicious. It says "home sweet home". Cuddling with your partner late on a rainy Saturday moning.  With this fragrance you can't go wrong.  We've never met a person- man or woman who did not swoon over Man Candy.

Lover Boy: If you like sandalwood, you'll find our version irresitable and mind-boggling.  It's an intoxicating and sensual fragrance filled with mystique. The rich woody sandalwood with a touch of musk is understated, sexy and upscale.  One dab can turn your Homer Simpson into a bare-chested Nicholas Hoult!  It has great staying power & so will you! Watch it guys...........wearing this can get you some stalkers.

Commando: Oh this is a tough one to describe but it captures the essence of a sexy man in a bottle!  A gorgeous fusion of citrus, herbal, floral, orange, herbacious, patchouli, rose and jasmine.  Mix it with his own pheromones and he's on a mission- alert with every pore exuding his essence.  You can't escape.  You don't want to.  Let your inner James Bond run wild. If you have plans for an evening torrid sex- put this in your soap dish!

Fruit Cocktail: This is a fave of the younger set.  It's fabulous, fun, loaded with a mouth-watering explosion of tropical fruit.  It's uplifting and energizing.  Ooh La La.  Think- cute cabana guy who's delivering more than a drink.  Your special man does not have to look like George Clooney, but if he does send him over here to pick up your order!

Sea Men:  This marine fragrance is naughty and nautical.  Wear this and you'll have all hands on deck and raise more than the anchor!  Its adored by both men and women.  It's clean and fresh like ocean sea spray, but casual enough not to overwhelm the senses.  If you are a fan of Cool Water by Davidoff, you will find this even more spectacular.  

Bearback:  Ohhhh My!  Words are inadequate to describe this sexy scent.  It is a fantabulous & beguiling fragrance.  Think Brokeback Mountain.  Getty-up to the high desert plains with nuances of tumbleweeds, cactus flowers, herbs, desert sage, lupines, and yucca;  riding bareback without restraint.  Ride'em cowboy.  Yeee- Haw!